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Great article Colin, as always !!! Your analysis of the populists vs the austerians is spot on.

However I don’t think Wilders represents the people’s view on Palestine/Israel. I believe his past and current positions are very pro-apartheid/colonization while majority of Europeans want freedom and security for Palestine.

Your article shows very well the damages caused by neoliberals on the public. Thanks !!

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Yes, definitely agree. In the past Wilders was avidly and outspokenly pro-Israel in fitting with his general Islamophobia, and it's probably safe to say he hasn't changed in that regard, but I sincerely doubt many PVV voters will share those sentiments, certainly given the current situation. I wonder at what point the public here more fully realize that the Netherlands was one of the countries that suspended UNWRA aid a few weeks ago and what the (very dire?) consequences of that could be. Maybe when the Gazans start dying from starvation en masse? I really hope it doesn't come to that. Obviously UNWRA needs to able to resume its desperately-needed relief work there ASAP. Thanks for commenting, always great to hear from you.

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